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a robot and a group of alien animals swimming into a bridge

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #76
Marvel, January 1962

"Follow the Leader"
Lettered by: unknown
Written by: unknown
Pencilled by: Jack Kirby

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alien, break, bridge, crash, river, robot, sci-fi, swim, water


a railroad trestle collapsing as the Hulk releases it

Avengers (1963) #1
Marvel, September 1963

"The Coming of the Avengers!"
Lettered by: Sam Rosen
Written by: Stan Lee
Pencilled by: Jack Kirby

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break, bridge, collapse, crash, Hulk (Bruce Banner), rail, superhero, train, trestle


a car crashing off a cliff as a bridge collapses

Strange Tales (1951) #103
Marvel, December 1962

"Jasper's Jalopy"
Lettered by: Artie Simek
Written by: Stan Lee
Pencilled by: Steve Ditko

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break, bridge, car, car accident, collapse, crash, fall, fantasy
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