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Spotlighting the "Sock! Pow! Zok!" that give comics a voice, celebrating the onomatopoeia.
The database contains 2,568 sound effects from 290 comics.

December 31, 2023Twitter

This is my annual New Year's Eve update to say, yes, I am still updating this site!

It was another busy year for me, and I only managed to add three comics this year, bringing the total to 2,568 sound effects from 290 comics. I've also done a decent amount of work behind the scenes, and I remain hopeful that I can continue updating in 2024!


December 31, 2022Twitter

Just checking in before the new year to say yes, this site is still live and being updated (slowly) behind the scenes.

I hope to be more active in the coming year as I institute a new process to add in pictures and going back to check tags later. This should get many more comics on the site much more quickly.

As one example of a new feature, I'm working on adding "variants" of sound effects, when the colors or lettering in reprints differs from the original comic. Clicking on an image will show the variants, where available. Here's an example.

I've continued adding comics over the past year, listed below. I departed from my usual month-by-month additions to put in the first nine X-Men comics, with the kind assistance of letterer Kevin Lintz. Thanks Kevin!


July 9, 2020Twitter

Well, it's been over a year, but I've finally completed the addition of the 10 Marvel Comics from August 1963. Amazing how a baby and a pandemic combine to sap all free time! There are 72 new sound effects, bringing the site total up to 2,475 from 275 comics.

And just a reminder that even if the site updates are few and far between, on Twitter and Tumblr I am posting cool new sound FX from new comics the week that they come out. Follow me there to join the fun!


May 6, 2019Twitter

Another Marvel Silver Age month completed with the addition of 11 comics from July 1963! This month saw the first appearance of Doctor Strange in Strange Tales #110, but also the end of both Gunsmoke Western and Love Romances, the latter of which ended with a whimper as it had no sound effects in its final two issues. But don't be too sad for these series -- their cancellations made room in Marvel's printing schedule for two new books to soon debut -- Avengers and X-Men!

These books add 124 sound effects, bringing the total to 2,403 from 265 comics!


February 13, 2019Twitter

The 10 Marvel Comics from June 1963 have now been added to the database. It's a relatively light month, adding 57 sound effects to give us a total of 2,279 from 254 comics. I'm also already halfway done with the following month's books, so they'll be posted soon as well!


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